Found in Winter

I’m ready for the cold
Let the temperature drop
Let the streams slow down
And the rushing waters stop

I’m ready for the cold
Let the winter enfold me
Like snow on the boughs
Blankets the tallest evergreen

I’m ready for the cold
Pack your white around my heart
So that the distance
From me to you ends at the start

I’m ready for the cold
Alone in the field am I
In snowflakes dress me
Cover the lashes of my eyes

..And In the field the animals sleep..
But underneath..

Underneath a warmth glows
flickering embers of red
my heart still beating
tucked away in its snow white bed

I’m found here in the cold
life and passion stir within
Though covered in snow
Here dwells a jewel never to dim

Come find me in the cold
of its chill I have no fear
I’m clothed in scarlet
But who will see me standing here?

Come find me in the cold
the one who has eyes will see
And if eyes be blind
I remain content here, just me

I’m found in the cold
Birds whistle songs from the trees
I can find rest here
Even the rocks will sing with me

..Singing, I am found
I am found
Here in the cold, come find me
I am ready
I am found

Published by emmi0326

My work has been inspired by where I come from- a small community in which my childhood fort was a hog pen on my grandparents' farm- and what I hold dearest in my heart above all- my faith.

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