Easter feet ☺️

Do you ever find yourself delighted in the beauty of something so seemingly simple and ordinary?
I’m not saying I think I have gorgeous foot model feet! Lol.. I certainly don’t. And I know there are some people out there who think feet are nasty and ugly!
But when I looked down at my feet this morning, surrounded by a rainbow of confetti shot out over me in celebration, I thought about all the places these feet have taken me. Or maybe all the places I have taken them? Through summer rain puddles and green grass as a barefoot child. Through awkward teenage years that I would never want to relive! Through different countries as I expanded my world. Through heartbreak. And admittedly into some places that I never should have gone. I’ve walked myself into situations only to find my feet slipping and sinking into muck and mire, regret and shame, fearing I would never be able to get them clean again.
And that’s the amazing part to me this Easter Sunday. I remember that my Lord and Savior actually washed the feet of those He called friends. After everything they had walked through, and everything Jesus already knew they would do, He knelt down and washed all the dirt away.
So when I look at these feet of mine they are a reminder of everything Jesus has done for me. When they’ve stumbled, He has picked me up. When they’ve wandered, He has guided me home. When they finally got to walk down the aisle, He had picked the one waiting for me at the end. When they were still with sadness, He gave me joy to make them dance. When they’ve hesitated to go into the unknown, He has given me courage to take each small step.

Every Easter I imagine being one of the women in that garden early in the morning. How heavy their feet must have felt as they walked to the tomb where their friend had been laid. But oh how it must have felt like they were flying as they ran to tell everyone the tomb was empty!
So no matter what may happen to my feet, no matter how scarred, bruised or tired they become, or even if I lose all function of them entirely, they will still be beautiful to my God because not only did He die so that they could be made clean, He also lives so that they can bring this good news!
And one day I will bring these feet to stand before Him. These feet… These ordinary, dirty work feet will be made new by the One who still wears the most beautiful holes in His. And I will know every step of my life was meant to bring me home to be with Him forever.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

Happy Easter!

Published by emmi0326

My work has been inspired by where I come from- a small community in which my childhood fort was a hog pen on my grandparents' farm- and what I hold dearest in my heart above all- my faith.

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