Watercolor Cards

My first card set went out, and much to my delight, my patron loved them! I have always enjoyed making cards for people. Whether it was just to let them know they are being thought of, to say thanks, or to give words of encouragement, I think hand written and homemade says, “You are worthContinue reading “Watercolor Cards”

Love is Like a Cactus

Love Is Like A Cactus (A poem for Lydia on her 6th birthday)   In a fertile Midwest land, the grass grows so green, And the fields surround me like a hug for miles unseen. The rain is no stranger, even in the Summer. It falls like kisses to the land, saturating it in wonder.Continue reading “Love is Like a Cactus”

new season, new work

Moving to a new city and state has been an adventure, but it’s also difficult to start over when it comes to having photography clients. On the positive though, the transition has allowed me some time to keep being creative and to explore a little more with the boundaries I’ve been accustomed to when itContinue reading “new season, new work”